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H38S View

1.Explanation of model:
  H38     S     6 Resolution 3 F 24 A C  
External Dimensions38mm S:Shaft
Shaft 30-2500 P/R Output Signal F:Totem Pole
L:Line Driver
N:Open Collector
5:5VDC 24:8-24VDC A:Cable
C:Side Entry
D:Rear Entry
2.Electrical spec:
Product  type Incremental
Supply voltage 5VDC,8-24VDC
Current requirements ≤50mA
Frequency response 200KHz
Signal level H:Vcc-0.7,L:0.5V
Output circuit F,L,V,N
Output waveforms
3.Mechanical spec
Max.rotaring speed 5000 RPM
Starting torque 0.01 Nm
Loading rodial 20 N
Loading axial 10 N
Operating temperature —10~+70 ℃
Save temperature —20~+80 ℃
The use of humidity ≤85% RH
Shock resistance 1000m/S2 3D×2views
Vibration resistance 100m/S 3D×30minutes
Protection IP54,or Custom
Weight 0.3Kg
Installment matters needing attention
1. encoders axes and the user axis do not want the rigidconnection,please use the elastic junction panel or the flexible coupling.
2. when installs,please note the axle load which the encoder permits.
3. photoelectricities encoders belong to the high precisioninstrument ,if installs the use not when can affect the instrument theperformance and the life.
4. please encoder axis and electrical machinery coaxial mounting.
5. please note the fixed photoelectricity encoder the bolt whetherdoes become less crowded.
6. actual wiring take the encoder product label as.
4.Output circuit
6.Quality assurance
Observes the storage and under the use rule condition in the user,the product form delivers goods when in japan a year the quality damages not good,manufacture only then free for user repair or replacement.

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