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Differential pressure transmitter View

PT201 Series Differential Pressure Transmitter is designed for differential pressure measurement of clean and dry gas. It features a high reliable signal amplifier circuit and diffused silicon sensor in a rugged package with special aluminum-alloy surface handling, offering two outputs: 4~20mA output and 0~5VDC output. High quality sensor, precision encapsulation technology and complete assembly art assure excellent quality and optimize ability of the product. The PT124B-201 Series is available with various electrical connection options and process ports. It is easy for installing adjusting, specially suit for field assorting application with all sorts of wind pressure and micro-pressure measuring and control equipment such as hearth Pressure measuring, soot cure, wind machine, air-conditioning and etc.
    ◆ Industrial process wind pressure
    ◆ Air-condition
    ◆ Environment protection
    ◆ Melting chamber
    ◆ Medical instrument
    ◆ Leak testing
    ◆ High precision, good reliability and reasonable price
    ◆ Delicate construction, easy installation
    ◆ Various process ports
    ◆ High ability of anti-disturbance
    ◆ Good stability
    ◆ Zero and span adjustable
The dimensions only for you reference, and you can choose other electrical connector and process connector.
Ranges: 0~50mbar~0~600bar
Accuracy: 0.25%F.S; 0.5%F.S
Zero balance: +/-20%FSO
Resistance: > 50MΩ/50V
Signal: 0~5V;1~5V;4~20mA
Supply voltage: 5VDC;12VDC; 24VDC
Operating temperature: -40~85℃
Temperature compensation -10~70℃
Overpressure: 150%FSO
Material: Duralumin
Measuring medium: No conductive, no corrupt or causticity gas
Electrical connector: Cable, connector and optional
Electric Connection Mode
Signal output 4-20mA (2 wire) 0.5-4.5V, 1-5V (3 wire)
Wiring code 1 Input (Red) 1 Input  (Red)
2 Output (Black) 2 common point  (Black)
3 None 3 Output  (Blue)
Remarks: Above wiring connector is the standard type, if you need the special wiring, please contact with the company at first.
Order Guide
Model Range(bar) Output Process connection Electric connection Other requirement
PT602 --- --- --- --- ---
Example:PT602-10m H2O -4/20mA-15m cable

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