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3 relay output
Can be with analogue output function
Sampling rate < 8 time/second
Can be with RS485 or RS232 communication interface
With data saved or top value saved functionn

Max display 99999   (average value, if need true value, please mention when ordering)
Range of frequency 40-200Hz (for AC only
Measuring mode Dual slope A/D conversion
Overflow indication “0000” flashes
Polarity display Only “-”display (for DC meter only)
Display Red LED (14.2mmH)
Power supply 90-260 AC  50/60 Hz
Control output Relay: NO, NC   Capacity AC 250V/3A, DC 30V/3A Cos=1
Setting range 99999   Rate can be set freely
Weight  Abt. 300g

1·AC voltage

Models Range Revolution Use with PT Accuracy
DP5-RAV20 20V 1mV Direct input 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RAV200 200V 10mV Direct input 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RAV600 600V 100mV Direct input 0.5%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RAV3K 3KV 1V 3KV:100V 0.5%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-PAV10K 10KV 1V 10KV:100V 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float

2·DC voltage
Models Range Revolution Accuracy
DP5-RDV0.2 200mV 10uV 0.1%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDV2 2V 100uV 0.1%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDV20 20V 1mV 0.1%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDV200 200V 10mV 0.1%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDV500 500V 100mV 0.1%F.S, 2 digit float


3·AC ampere
Models Range Revolution Use with CT Accuracy
DP5-RAA0.2 200mA 10uA Direct input 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RAA2 2A 100uA Direct input 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RAA20 20A 1mA 20A:5A 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RAA50 50A 10mA 50A:5A 0.5%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RAA100 100A 10mA 100A:5A 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RAA150 150A 10mA 150A:5A 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RAA200 200A 10mA 200A:5A 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RAA500 500A 100mA 500A:5A 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RAA1000 1000A 100mA 1000A:5A 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RAA1500 1500A 100mA 1500A:5A 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RAA2000 2000A 100mA 2000A:5A 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float

4·DC ampere
Models Range Revolution Use with CT Accuracy
DP5-RDA0.0002 200uA 10nA Direct input 0.1%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDA0.002 2mA 100nA Direct input 0.1%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDA0.02 20mA 1uA Direct input 0.1%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDA0.2 200mA 10uA Direct input 0.1%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDA2 2A 100uA Direct input 0.1%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDA20 20A 1mA 20A:75mV 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDA50 50A 10mA 50A:75mV 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDA100 100A 10mA 100A:75mV 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDA150 150A 10mA 150A:75mV 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDA200 200A 10mA 200A:75mV 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDA500 500A 100mA 500A:75mV 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDA1000 1000A 100mA 1000A:75mV 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDA1500 1500A 100mA 1500A:75mV 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float
DP5-RDA2000 2000A 100mA 2000A:75mV 0.2%F.S, 2 digit float


Part-number Descriptions
DP               X     -  X        X    -   X        XX DP series of digital panel meter
Digit display 5         5digit display
Analogue   Default       Without 4-20mA analogue output
I       With 4-20mA analogue output
Function   Default     Button setting
P     Thrumb switch setting
Communication   Default   Without communication
2   With RS232
4   With RS485
Measuring AV AC voltage
DV DC voltage
AA AC current
DA DC current

For example, DP4-IRRDA2 means it is a meter with 5 digit display, 48x96x100mm size, measuring 2V DA, with analogue 4-20m A, 2 alarm
1.      The accuracy testing temperature 23-27 degrees, humidity 35-85%.
2.      Measuring range not listed, please mention when ordering.
3.      The fix value of CT is 5A for AC current; The fix value of PT is 100V for AC voltage; The fix value of CT is 75mV for DC current. If you need others, please mention when ordering
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