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1.Measure true value of Voltage/Current/Watt/Power factor/Active Energyampere rate free setting
2.3 alarms control output for option
3.Isolate analogue output
4.Power supply 90-260V AC 50/60Hz
5.Can be with RS485 or RS232 communication interface

Measure items True value for simple
Sizes 48x96x100mm: 2 lines of 4 digit display
Direct input range 0-600V, 0-5A
Sampling rate Abt.2/sec
Voltage/Current Rate setting PT, CT rate can be free set by software freely
Accuracy Voltage:      0.5% F.S.  2 digit float Current:      0.3% F.S.  2 digit float Watt:         0.5% F.S.  2 digit float Power factor:  0.5% F.S.  2 digit float Frequency:    1 Hz more or less
Alarm output 2 alarm free setting
Communication RS485, MODBUS or RTU protocol for option
Insulation resistance >100m Ohm  (between the housing and the terminals)
Insulation strength AC 1500  1min  (between the housing and the terminals)
Temperature & Humidity 0-50 degrees, 35-85% RH
Weight  DW8 simple phase abt. 350g,

Input 2:AV:AC voltage  AA:AC current  DA:DC current  DV:DC voltage
Input 1:AV:AC voltage  AA:AC current  DA:DC current  DV:DC voltage
Communication:Default:Without communication 
2:RS232  4:RS485
AL2:N:No AL2  R:Relay  S:SSR  T:SCR
AL1:N:No AL1  R:Relay  S:SSR  T:SCR
Analogue:Default:Without analogue  I:With analogue
Power:Default:90-260V AC  E:24V DC
Power:Default:90-260V AC  E:24V DC
Phase;Default:Simple phase
DW Series Smart Coulometer Meter

For example, DW8-IR4AV600AA5 means it is a meter in 48x96mm size, 1 alarms, measuring 600V and 5A AC, with RS485, measuring true value,
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